elizabethElizabeth Fekete is the founder of Your Essence Healing and provides healing services and Reiki training.

Elizabeth’s experience with healing began when she embarked on a journey in the 1990’s to understand her innate healing abilities and connection with those in Spirit.

After studying Pranic Healing in Melbourne, an opportunity arose for Elizabeth to live in England.  There she studied Spirit Trance Healing at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College.  Elizabeth returned to Arthur Findlay College in subsequent years to continue her training.

During one her trips to England, Elizabeth also attained her Reiki Master (Usui/Tibetan) level within the mystical circle at Stonehenge.

Elizabeth has also studied Komyo Reiki Kai, another Japanese style of Reiki and is a certified Shihan (teacher).

During her studies and practices Elizabeth could see how beneficial healing can be for a general sense of wellbeing as well as to ease anxiety and alleviate pain for those receiving cancer therapies.  This had such a profound affect on Elizabeth she decided to utilize her skills and knowledge to professionally provide healing services.

Elizabeth continues to further develop her own spiritual growth and attend classes to learn about the many facets of energy healing.  Most recently Trance Healing via zoom with a renowned UK medium and teacher Natalie Eden Walker

Elizabeth’s aim is to provide healing with integrity and compassion to enable you to achieve a way forward and enhance your life.


Certificate in Spirit Trance Healing
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher
Komyo Reiki Kai Teacher
Certificate Advanced Pranic Healing
Certificate Crystal Pranic Healing
Certificate Psychotherapy® Pranic Healing
Cert IV in Training & Workplace Assessment


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