Have you wondered what energy healing is about? Elizabeth did too! So she decided to delve into learning and experiencing the different types of modalities available.

What she did learn is the majority of energy healing is based around a similar principle; that we are all part of and sustained by the energy that surrounds us. And each modality has its own unique way of treating dis-ease.

When we receive healing it is because the practitioner can link in with this energy and ‘channel’ it to us either by ‘laying on of hands’ or from a distance depending on the type of modality.

People seek healing treatments for a variety of reasons and can be beneficial for:

  • stress reduction
  • to quiet a busy mind
  • alleviate chronic or acute pain
  • be a great comfort to those in palliative care
  • shift mental blocks so you can move forward
  • help with anxiety
  • a bit of ‘me time’
  • recharge your batteries
  • give you the strength to deal with life’s ups and downs
  • be more resilient and better able to deal with physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues

If you relate to any of these reasons and feel now is the time to reconnect with your essence, Elizabeth invites you to book a session.

The modalities below are those Elizabeth most resonated with. Which are you drawn to?


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique founded by Mikao Usui in the 1920’s.  It is very gentle and soothing and aides in the reduction of stress and anxiety.  Reiki promotes peace of mind, relaxation and healing.

Reiki is also becoming more readily available in hospitals worldwide as an effective complementary therapy for pain management  pre and post surgery and cancer patients.

Spirit Trance Healing

Spirit Trance Healing is a very effective aspect of healing, as it is directed by the Spirit World to areas of most need.  For this to occur the healer attunes to the Spirit World through the trance state.  The healer becomes a channel which enables the power to flow through them directly to you the recipient.

At times, during the session, the Spirit World may show the healer the areas they are working on.  The healer can then pass this information to you.

Spirit Trance Healing can bring peace into our lives (especially if there is pain from loss or things left unsaid) at times when it’s most needed.

Pranic Healing

A modality developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (a scientist). This is a no touch healing method which focuses on cleansing your aura and chakras (energy centres of the body) of any imbalances, depletion and blockages.

Your aura and chakras are then re-energized and strengthened to enable your physical body and mind to be more adept at continuing self healing.

What does a session entail

A consultation and treatment in a calming private studio

During the consultation the therapies will be discussed and will be tailored to best suit your individual needs

Treatment may include hands-on depending on the modality chosen.

Treatments can be experienced whilst you are either seated in a supportive chair or lying on a massage table.

You can wear comfortable clothing and easily removable footwear.

You may choose to have soft music playing in the background.

Your comfort is the main consideration at all times.

What can you expect during and after a session

During the session you may feel very relaxed and calm and possibly drift into a light sleep.

The changes after the healing session may be very subtle or you can feel quite energized and better able to cope with life’s challenges.

You may also experience a deeper sleep and vivid dreams.

The best way to understand healing is to experience it yourself!

The treatments offered at Your Essence Healing are complimentary to conventional medicine.

Disclaimer: At Your Essence Healing we do not prescribe any drugs or substances and are not professionally (medically) trained to diagnose mental or physical issues. Results are individual and will vary with no guarantee provided.