The Trance Healing I received today was just amazing. The healing and message from Spirit was very powerful and just what I needed. The whole experience was very reassuring and delivered from someone who is clearly a gifted healer who operates with enormous respect and integrity. I have only experienced this kind of healing once before- but this was on a whole other level. Thank you Elizabeth!

I had no idea what to expect from my first Reiki session with Elizabeth, but I went in with an open (but still a bit sceptic) mind. Elizabeth made me feel really comfortable and explained the session and boundaries right up front… so there were no unexpected surprises. When we started, I felt an amazing warm magnetic field of electricity around my head, and at one point it felt like Elizabeth’s hands were reaching in and energizing me down to the bone. I could even feel my body moving and swimming as I lay there relaxing… but I knew my body was perfectly still. Very cool!  I don’t understand how it works, but even a non-spiritual guy like me can admit something positive was happening there to help me and my body. Thanks for the great experience!
J Veigli, Business consultant

I was hit by a severe case of laryngitis. As I spend 80% of my day on the phone, it was really affecting my job. Elizabeth suggested she try some healing on me (I had never had any exposure to healing before this) but trusted her instincts. I found it calming, centering and above all beneficial. Literally, overnight the pain had gone and I had my voice back. I highly recommend Elizabeth’s healing to anyone.
Jayne Credit manager

Elizabeth’s healing gets to the core. It is relaxing and energising at the same time. Her approach felt gentle and non-instrusive. I felt my energy shifting and changing during our work together. I highly recommend her healing for anyone wishing to dive under the surface and explore their inner world.
F. McComb, Language instructor

Having suffered from severe pain in my left shoulder for a number of months, I sought medical help and received a cortisone injection that gave me temporary relief. Once this wore off I was back to pain in my shoulder and immobility of my arm.
I was willing to try anything to improve my condition. Elizabeth suggested her approach and although I was sceptical at first after a couple of sessions with Elizabeth the mobility in my arm improved.
The sessions were relaxing and gave me a new insight to the benefits of healing.
Pat, Finance manager