Reiki Classes

Learning Reiki is an ongoing gift to yourself.

You can give yourself Reiki for healing to improve your general wellbeing.

The Reiki precepts can open your world to exploring your Spiritual path.

By learning Reiki, you can also provide healing for family (pets included) and friends.

To find out more about how learning Reiki can help you achieve your goals or to attend a class,

please contact Elizabeth directly on 0401941134 or

Reiki classes are offered in the Usui/Tibetan lineage by William Lee Rand (this lineage is before the shift to Holy Fire Reiki).

The Reiki class follows the guidelines recommended by the Australian Reiki Connection

Reiki Level 1 (Shoden)

Over a weekend, you will:

  • Learn the History of Reiki
  • Learn the Precepts of Reiki and how it can be used in your daily life
  • Learn the way Reiki is applied by your hands to heal yourself, family and friends
  • Have lots of practice time
  • Certificate

You will finish the course knowing you are a confident and compassionate healer.

Reiki Precepts

Kyo Dake Wa – Today Only

  • Ikaru Na   – Do Not Anger
  • Shinpai Suna – Do Not Worry
  • Kansha Shite – Be Grateful
  • Gyo o Hage Me – Do your work diligently
  • Hito Ni Shinsetsu Ni – Be kind to Yourself and Others